Thank you so much for stopping by at Fashionnoodle. I am very excited to have the opportunity to share all that inspires me with you on Fashionnoodle. Here is a bit of my journey and what Fashionnoodle means to me…….


    Hi I am Bessie, originally from Hong Kong but living in the UK with my husband and my beautiful baby daughter, Karlie. I studied Marketing and Advertising at the University of Hull in the UK, which apparently makes me no fashion expert. I know nothing about blogging, but the idea interested me as I enjoy keeping constantly informed on everything regarding the fashion industry. I love a fresh start to every season! I spot the trends as I find myself investing uncountable hours on reading fashion magazines, online fashion magazines and start feeling interested in fashion history. My passion is inspiring mums, girls, women to buy sensible items and making it all look sophisticated and fresh every season about mixing new clothes and accessories with what they already have in the closet.  

  To me ‘New fashion is a twist of your wardrobe’ 

  Would you like to be inspired by how to twist your wardrobe, latest fashion trends, make up and beauty, styling tips and what to wear in different occasions?! if so, then you definitely are in a right place:))

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