If you think its hard to dress fashionable in winter outfits, you are not the only one. I have had a challenge on boxing day, we went for browsing at bicester outlet in minus 4-5 degree celsius in a rural area walking from shop to shop with no roof most of the time and queuing outside shops to wait for your turn to get in and look round.

One trick I have learnt over the last few years since being a mum and turning 30, is investing in thermal underwear including thermal pants. Yes you are right, its not glamorous and not sexy but if it keeps my body and legs warm then I am all for it. By wearing thermals under my outfit I have found that it stops the cold coming in through the gaps of knitwear and I can wear skinny jeans with thin material from Primark. Wearing tights underneath thin denim jeans is anther option to keep you warm.

I have always been a fan of the HEATTECH RANGE from UNIQLO. I wish UNIQLO sponsored this post I am simply sharing tips how to keep warm and still look cute after suffering from the lack of fashionable and warm outfits for lots of times.

Layering has always been winter fashion style. For extra warmth, turtleneck pairs well with a chunky sweater, you just need to make sure the turtleneck is slim fitting enough to stay away from extra bulk. You might also have noticed one of my pictures in Bicester on Instagram, I was wearing a heat-tech turtle neck underneath a wool turtle neck sweater, and then a thin down jacket, and over that a puffer jacket. I am a cold person, so minus 4-5 degree celsius has given me enough experience of what winter feels like. So remember layering, layering and layering 😊

  One more tip for keeping warm and stylish in this winter is not to forget your accessories. Hats keep our heads warm and it will definitely help you stay warm😉. Like Berets are one of the biggest trends in winter 2017, usually that little sexy hat works best if worn with casual clothes, I don’t look good by wearing hats and I tried wearing berets with my outfits with some of the pictures on Instagram, it didn’t turn out too bad. If I look good with Beret then you would too.